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Now offering gluten-free prepared foods in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Why buy through Tastebuds?


Enjoy foods that work for your diet

Find delicious foods that conform to your dietary restrictions. Purchase a variety of prepared foods that have been customized for your specific needs.

While we're intially focusing on gluten-free foods, we know that there are many other allergies, sensitivites, and diets. We'll be expanding to cater to a wider audience in the near future.

Buy from people you can talk to face-to-face

Purchase from sellers who live in your local area. By avoiding large, mass-produced brands, we can provide greater selection and enable convenient delivery/pick-up.

Because you'll be purchasing local and direct, you'll be able to ask questions about preparation location, ingredients, and precautions taken to avoid cross-contamination. Feel safe by knowing who actually prepared your food.



Purchase with confidence

Specific details about who prepared your food and how they prepared it are always just a message away. Establish trust by reading reviews from other buyers like you.

We carefully review each seller to ensure that they are conforming to the highest standards of safety and quality.

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We're looking for talented bakers and chefs that specialize in gluten-free creations.

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